Our Spiritual Unity

What will people of faith learn from this pandemic? That all of humanity is of one flesh. There are no barriers between nations. We share a common vulnerability to novel viruses, as well as, a deep spiritual unity. Science and faith join to urge us to learn from others and to participation in global relief efforts. Only by healing others do we heal ourselves. Every crisis contains an opportunity for people of faith to respond with wisdom, courage, and compassion.

Those who hate will double down at this time. They will be vain and not alter their lifestyle to protect others. They will discount science. They will search the world for someone to blame (a lab in China). They will play the “what about…” game, even though the evidence doesn’t support their claims that others are getting away with folly (like Sweden). They will rewrite history to make themselves look good. They will trot out the same old scapegoats (immigrants, people of color, academics, the media).

You make a choice. In the posts you share. In the votes you cast. In the charities you support. In the lifestyle choices you make (wear a mask even when others don’t). Faith or hate. What will it be?

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