What You Need to Know

When a burglar comes in through the window, locking the door isn’t much help. Trump’s response to the coronavirus has been to lock-down the borders against the countries he’s mad at. COVID-19 is a respiratory disease. We get it from other Americans breathing on us. Of the 100,000 people who have died, a handful or less contracted it from a recent arrival from a foreign country. The majority of the rest got it from someone who wasn’t wearing a mask. Many healthcare professionals, caregivers, and essential workers have become seriously ill and some have died because they lacked personal protective gear. Shifting American manufacturing towards producing the things we need to combat the virus would save more lives in a month than the president’s border wall ever could. Having free and plentiful testing kits today will do more towards opening the economy than the hope of a vaccine months from now. Since 40% of those who spread the disease don’t have any symptoms, measuring everyone’s temperature will never be a substitute for rigorous contact tracing. All of this is new learning for Mr. Trump. One more thing; the bandits that are about to steal our lives, don’t wear masks.

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